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81.15601-0022, 81156010022, EGR VALVE MAN

81.15601-0022, 81156010022, EGR VALVE MAN

Price: 344,34 EUR

Delivery time: In stock

При продаже внутри страны к стоимости добавиться хх%ндс. При экспорте-нет. Для помощи оформления экспортых документов обращайтесь в ххх

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Location:: 0, , Germany
Spare: 2954067
Part number/EAN code: 81.15601-0022, 81156010022
Interne ID: AGR0180
General Information
Availability: Available
Brand: MAN Truck & Bus AG
State: New
: 344,34 EUR
Weight: 3,75
Hours: 0
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Payment term: 
Additional Information: 

81.15601-0022, 81156010022, EGR VALVE MAN

Article number BE Turbo: 440031

Other number: 81.15600-6106

Exhaust Norm: Euro3

Engine Type: E1200; E1500; E1700; E1800; E2600; E6000; E6100; E6200; E6300; E6500; E6600; E6700; E6800; E6900; E7200; E7300; E7500; E7600; E7800; E7900; F0100; F0200; F0300; F0400; F0500; F0600; F0700; F0800; F0900; F1000; F1300; F1400; F1600; F1800; F1900; F2000; F5100; F5200; F5300; F5400; T3100; T3200; T3300; T3400; T3500; T3600; T3700; T3800; T3900; T4000; T4200; T4300; T4400; T4500; T4600; T4800; T5000; T8300; U0700; U1100; U1300; U1500; U1600; U2000; X2200; X2600; X2601

Engine Application: D2866 D2876; 41T 8X4/4 VFS-BLBB/BBBB/BLLL; 32/35/41T 8X8/4-8X6/4-8X4/4 VFA; 47/48T 10X4/6 VFV-Niederlande; 47/48T 10X4/6 VFA; 36/41T 8X8/4 VFA-Niederlande; FE 30/33T 6X4.6X6 BL D28..; FE 19T 4X2 BL D28..; FE 19T 4X4 BL D28...; FE 26T 6X2-4.6X4-4 BL D28..; FE 32T 4X4.8X2-6 BL D28..; FE 26T 6X4 BL D28..Schweiz; FE 28T 6X4-4.9X6-4 BL D28..; FE 41T 8X6.8X8 BB D28..; 33T FE 33T 6X4 BL D28..; FE 330T 6X6-4 BH D28..; FE 35T 8X2/8X2-4.8X2/8X2-9 BL D28..; FE 41T 8X4/4 BL D28..; 26T 6X4 DFR Australien(6-Zylinder-Motor); 37/41/42/50 /8X8/4 VFA (6-Zylinder-Motor); FE 50T 10X8-8 BH D28..; 16/19T 4X2 F; 16/19T 4X2 FL; 16/19T 4X2 FLL; 19T 4X4 FA; 22/24/25/26T 6X2 FNL; 22/24/25/26T 6X2 FNLL; 22/24/25/26T 6X2/4 FVL; 22/24/25/26T 6X4 DF; 26/27/28/32/33T 6X4 DF; 26/27/28/30/32/33T6X6 DFA; 28/30/31/32/33T 8X4 VF; 28/30/31/32/33/34/35/36/41T 8X4 VF; 22/24/25/26/28T 6X4 DFL; 24/26T 6X2 FNL; 26T 6X2 FNLL; 23/24T 6X2 FNLL; 16/17/19T 4X2 FR; 16/17/19T 4X2 FLR; 22/24/25/26T 6X2/4 FVLR; 30/32/ 8X4 VFR; FE 18T 4X2 BB D28..; FE 18T 4X2 BL D28..; 18/19T 4X2 FLL/FLLR(6-Zylinder-Motor); FE 18T 4X4 BB D28..; FE 23T6X2-2.6X2-4 LL D28..(Volumen); FE 26T6X2-2.6X2-4 BL D28..; FE 26T6X2-2.6X2-4 LL D28..; FE 26T6X2/4 BL D28..; 29/27/28T 6X4 DF(6-Zylinder-Motor); FE26T 6X4 BL D28..; FE 26/33T 6X6 BB D28..; FE 40T 6X4 BB D28..; FE 40T 6X6 BB D28..; FE 35T 8X4 BB D28..; FE 41T 8X4 BB D28..; FE 26/33 6X4 BB D28..; FE 19T 4X2 LL D28..(<1000); 19T 4X2 F-SKD-Marokko; 23/24T 6X2 UNLL; 16/19T 4X2 U; 16/19T 4X2 ULL; 22/24/25/26T 6X2 UNL; 22/24/25/26T 6X2 UNLL; 17/17T 4X2 U; 25T 6X6 DFEAG Euro1; 32T 8X8 VFEAG; 32.403 8X8/4 VFA-OEBH

Additional Information: OLD VERSION

EGR valves and Engine brakes (Exhaust flaps)

Export of Original and Compatible Spare Parts from Germany

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Seller / Supplier
Country: Germany
Company: Acrar
Phone: +49 2233 54550 90