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MachinerySpare parts
  1. Use the search bar on ACRAR to find a specific model
  2. You can narrow your search in the category field
  3. All categories can also be found on the home page
  4. All searches lead to the auction list
  5. On the right side you can find all current auctions and Buy-Now offers
  6. On the left side you can find a large number of filters to help narrow your search
  1. Click on an item to get to a page with a more detailed description
  2. Here you can bid on the item
  3. The minimum price is shown below the input line
  4. If the item is available via Buy-Now, you can find this button below the input line as well
  5. We recommend to always enter your highest price - the system will out-bid all other offers until your highest bid amount has been reached
  6. If a minimum price was set, it is displayed below the actual bid whether the minimum price is reached or not
  7. If the minimum price was not reached, the seller decides whether he wants to sell the item for the actual bid
  1. You and the seller receive the sales contract and all information regarding payment and shipping
  2. You transfer the amount of selling price plus a 2% transaction fee for the money transfer to ACRAR
  3. You organize the shipping and customs, either through ACRAR or independently
  4. We inform the seller as soon as the your payment has been received
  5. We transfer the payment to the seller as soon as the item is shipped
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